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Our children are the future and these programs are especially catered to them.

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Every child has a goal or at least they should. College, successful career or a business owner. The AACKC along with other organizations in Kane County, We will be implementing a youth business ran and operated by a youth Board of Directors. Yes, a real business from set-up to implementation. We will be sending out announcements inviting youth 12-19 to participate. Please join our email list to receive additional information.   


Today with children using the internet and smartphone before 3 years of age, they should also be learning how to make good choices when dealing with their credit and how to maintain a good balance. You know the old saying " If I knew then what I know now."  The AACKC along with other organizations will be doing just that. We are setting a program into place to teach our youth about credit and money. How to maintain and save. Want your child to join? Stay tuned for more information soon. 

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